NSW Farmers (2)
INCYT has partnered with NSW Farmers, providing members with a $1000 credit, which includes:  
+ Free Smart Farm Planning session (valued at $500)
+ Free Network connectivity check (valued at $250)
+ $250.00 Off your first purchase
Smart Farm Planning session:
During this 1-hour Smart Farm Planning session, you can expect a comprehensive and customised assessment of your farm's unique needs and challenges. Our AgTech experts will then provide you with a tailored quote that includes specific devices and sensors designed to enhance your farming efficiency. We will also provide suggestions on reporting frequencies, so that you can monitor the data according to your needs. Whether it's conserving water resources, mitigating inversion-related risks, or optimizing soil moisture levels, the Smart Farm Planning session will help identify the most suitable AgTech for your unique requirements.
Network connectivity check:
During a Network connectivity check, our team will evaluate the connectivity options across your farm and provide you with an indication of where you could be experiencing connectivity blackspots. The process aids us in determining how we can resolve these and identifies which Networks should be deployed to provide you with a strong and reliable connection for your on-farm sensors and devices. 
$250 Off your first purchase
You'll have access to a $250.00 discount on your purchase of $1000 or more

Get in touch to redeem your NSW Farmers member benefit.